Characteristics of MLM

  1. you can win your dreams around for 1 year or longer
  2. Offer A Great Valuable Service Or Useful Product
  3. Affordable To Get Started With
  4. Consistent Communication And Support
  5. Have A Realistic Pay Plan
  6. Reward Your Recruiting Efforts
  7. Have A Good Reputation Among People In The Industry
  8. They Always Pay When They Are Suppose To Pay
  9. Always Provide The Latest Information On Corporate Changes And Goals
  10. The Owners Are Smart And Competent Individuals

These are the 10 common factors of the top MLM companies online and these are basically the reasons why they are the top companies. It is very important that you understand each of these common characteristics in order for you to find the right company that you're looking for. Each company is going to be different in a specific way but at the same time they are similar in their core values and their network marketing business philosophy.


  1. Multi-level marketing allows you earn a passive salary. One can continue with his or her own job and smoothly carry out this kind of marketing.
  2. With multi-level marketing you can easily be your own boss and work according to your own comfort. The model is such that even your down chain will be working independently.
  3. You will not be required to do the same mundane task every day. There are different products and services which are promoted through MLM, so you can choose the products and services you would like to sell.
  4. The rate of business growth can be exponential if smartly managed when it comes to multi-level marketing. There are few businesses in the world which can give one the opportunity to scale up so fast.
  5. This form of marketing has a very low start-up cost in fact negligible when compared with other forms of marketing and doing business. You can start and manage this business working from the comfort of from your home.
  6. Once you have created a sizeable down chain and have climbed few notches up in the hierarchy, you can earn a good remuneration from multi-level marketing without doing much work yourself.
  7. You can reach out to a wide number of people in MLM. There are no constrains of nationality, geography as far as this form of marketing is concerned.
  8. There is not much cost that you will have to incur while training your down chain. This makes it easy to create a down chain and increase business revenue.


  1. The core of multi-level marketing is creating a long down chain. Close to 90% of the people fail to go beyond the first level and wound up their business in first three months.
  2. MLM requires great inter personal and communication skills and not everyone is blessed with one which leads to business failure.
  3. This form of marketing has a saturation point beyond which the rate of business growth is marginal. It is impossible for everyone to get a lion’s share of profit.
  4. Niche products and services are usually promoted through multi-level marketing which fails to attract buyers often.
  5. In multi-level marketing you need to have a wide social network to create a down chain. Most people start with huge enthusiasm but the list of rejection.