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Message of Chief Upline:

Network Marketing is perfect for everyone. However, everyone is not perfect for Network marketing...

I believe Network Marketing is an amazing profession, and truly is the last bastion left in the free enterprise system where someone without education, famous bloodlines, or a large investment can become wealthy.

The benefits are extraordinary. Unlimited earning potential, tax breaks, travel opportunities, and the chance to help other while you are building your own success. But it's still not for everyone.


Because it takes a certain personality type to be successful. So, while I would certainly urge anyone who desires a better lifestyle to consider Network Marketing as a career choice - before you commit to doing that, give yourself an honest evaluation.

Most people equate security with a nine-to-five job. They see the rat race as a necessary evil in life.

Network marketers suffer from no such delusions. They see a job as an insidious trap - one that gives you just enough income so you are afraid to forego it - yet not enough to achieve any financial freedom. They look at people clawing their way up the corporate structure with the detached wonder you would expect to see on the face of a ten-year-old child, watching the activity in an ant farm. They know that we need ants in this world, but they certainly don't want to be one. It’s highly likely that these kinds of people are all around you. And nothing is more threatening to these people than to think that someone they know is becoming successful. They will do anything in their power to dissuade you, and in some cases, actually sabotage you. If you want to make it in the business, you must believe in it strongly, and not need the validation of others. My career took a dramatic upswing when I learned a valuable lesson...

I stopped taking financial advice from broke people!

When I started the business, I was penniless and struggling. Unfortunately, most of the people I knew were also broke and struggling. They all tried to talk me out of the business, and convince me it couldn't work. I came to realize that these people didn't know anything about business success. So even though they were well meaning, they were trying to give advice in an area they knew nothing about. When you need advice, you must go to people who have already done the business successfully. When you understand and act on this, you dramatically increase your chances for success. Another mandatory requirement for long-term success is conducting your business with integrity.

If you ever lie to your distributor - even thinking it's for his own good - you will destroy the bond that is the foundation of the business. You will also eliminate one of the most powerful enticements that attract people into the business. Distributors who have built lasting success have learned that their word must be their bond, and integrity is sacred. Here's why... About ten percent of the population are sales types. They like to sell; they're good at it; and they don't. Thanks...